We kindly ask that you abide by the rules. They’re short and to the point.

Thank you, it means a lot!

  1. Let’s keep a friendly & mature atmosphere. This is to allow for escapism.
  2. Be kind and accepting of each other. Please read our ethos to be a better idea of what we stand for.
    — No racism/racial slurs
    — No homophobia or sexual orientation discrimination
    — No kink or fetish shaming
  3. No looting or trespassing onto bases. Please respect each other’s property.
  4. Be a good neighbor. Don’t block off monuments, impede travel, steal heli, etc.
  5. Do not build too close to another base. Before building a base, please keep a good distance between you and the neighboring base (so you both can expand should you choose).
  6. Personal supply drops do NOT need to be shared. If you try to hover loot someone’s supply drop (without permission) you will be removed from the server.
  7. Public airdrops and locked crates can be shared (OR NOT) by the first person there. It is always recommend to share if you’re stacked, but it’s your choice.
  8. Oil/Military Tunnels/Excavator/Bradley first come, first served. If you’re asked to leave please do so without taking it personal. Give them time to clear (no pressure).
  9. Bradley can only be claimed once per day. You must be at Launch Site to claim.

If you have stumbled across someone breaking any of these rules, please open a ticket on Discord or contact us via email.