We understand Rust is a game, but our goal is to emulate an organic, living, breathing world; an extension of real life. We want every community member to treat Relic as their own world, without the anxiety or social pressures of real life.

With that being said, we’d appreciate you abiding by our rules. Thank you for helping make Relic a peaceful environment.

Friendly and Mature Atmosphere

We want Relic to be a force of positivity in each others lives. Please read our ethos to get a better idea of what we stand for.

Kindness and Acceptance

Please be kind to each other. We cannot stress this enough. We all go through life, some stories written differentlythan others. Any and all forms of hate, bigotry or shaming are a permanent irreversible ban.

• No racism/racial slurs
• No homophobia or sexual orientation discrimination
• No kink or fetish shaming

Privacy and Security

Please give other community members their privacy. Do not trespass onto land that is clearly blocked off or otherwise harass a player that is within their home.

Good Neighbor

Please do not block off monuments, impede travel, steal heli, purposely create lag bases, etc. Kindness is of the utmost importance on Relic.


Before building a base (home), please keep a good distance between you and the neighboring base/home/compound (so you both can expand).

Claiming land is completely acceptable (w/ TCs). We just ask that you have a clear vision and full intention to build or compound the area. Blocking off a river is fine if on an island.

Bradley can only be claimed once per day (per 24 hours)

You must be at Launch Site to claim. Bradley can only be camped if you are first in stating the intention (in chat), and you remain at launch the entire time until it spawns.

If you intend to take Bradley more than once per day, please give time so someone can claim. If left unclaimed for a decent period of time (20 to 30 minutes), ask in chat if someone is planning on taking Brad down. If no one has plans to take him down, you’re free to kill him again. This can only occur once per day. Please remember, sharing is caring.

Side note: you cannot kill Brad “on someone’s behalf” and give away the loot. Players want the gratification of killing Brad.

Monuments (Oil/Military Tunnels/Excavator/Bradley/etc.)

First come, first served. This does not mean first one to type the claim in chat, it means first one at the monument, ready to claim it.

Give the individual or team time to clear the puzzle or monument without pressure. If they die, they are allowed to run back to their body and finish what they started. Please communicate intention in chat.