[Staff] Kevin

I am likely the least formal person you will ever meet. I’m the kinda guy that sits Indian style at a restaurant. Hopefully that will paint a picture of my character.

I have been a hobbyist server administrator for close to 20 years now and built various niche communities since 2008. I am a father of two Yorkies and have been married to my high school sweetheart for 16 hellish… wonderful years! I cherish every moment I have with them. <3 

P.S: I like to poop with the door open.

[Staff] Brandon (Jaxian)

Jaxian, known IRL as Brandon hails from the state of Ohio in the USA. By day, he’s a legal transcriptionist and by night, he’s exploring the wilderness of Rust. In his free time, Jaxian is an avid reader and enjoys writing and dabbling in graphic design. On other days you can probably find him spending his time in a galaxy, far, far away through books, movies, or a video game.

[Staff] Zalmander

Zalmander began his digital life as an undead mage in Tarren Mill in early 2005. After a decade and a half of on-again/off-again love for Azeroth, he found his way to Rust, and then to Relic, in early 2021, and hasn’t left since.

He shares his time and builds with Zalmina, an alter ego who, despite accusations to the contrary, loves her work painting Rustangelo paintings, and is only ever accidentally starved to death once or twice a wipe, these days.

[Mod] Matthew

Matthew, known IRL as Matthew, is an avid gamer, game developer, maker, and educator. In the world of Relic, he wears many hats including shopkeeper, tower builder, elevator murderer, and now moderator.

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