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Wipe Updates for July, 2024

Relic's July wipe updates are posted below. Thank you to everyone for making the June wipe an excellent one. We reached over 415,000 entities! Wow. Lots of building! Apologies for the raidbase issues last wipe, I think we have them all ironed out now.

Changes and updates for this wipe:

  1. We have a new event. A Cobalt Spy Balloon is surveying the land of Relic. They must be stopped! Couple of locked crates and 1 - 2 elite crates for loot. Guarded by Darkzone NPCs and a boss (read 2 below). Must be flown to (spawns about 69m in the air). 
  2. The new spy balloon event has a boss fight. An accompanying quest (The Zephyr Threat) from Commander Ramsey (at Outpost) will give additional XP for his death. Note: Ramsey's prompts have changed a little. To turn in the dog tags (from Bane), please click into "The Bane Threat". 
  3. Water Treatment is now an Easy Darkzone. The Reaper can drop from these NPCs. 
  4. Boosted some XP rewards for quests. Increased XP to scrap turn in to 2,500 per day. 
  5. We have added 12 new raidbases to the mix.
  6. Easy: 5 new bases
  7. Medium: 1 new base
  8. Medium Flying: 2 new bases
  9. Hard: 3 new bases
  10. Impossible: 1 new base (careful with this one... might not look intimidating at first.)
  11. GE is now locked to the player (and their team) that started it. It will unlock after a few minutes once all barrels are run through. The player will get these prompts (when locked and unlocked). The output, hopper, starter, and ore selector are locked. We might impose a new rule limiting barrels per run in the future. Just be sure to share, please and thank you!
  12. We updated our tutorial page with all new tutorial videos:
  13. We have boosted the max player count of Relic EU as we will be switching to new hardware this wipe. Planning to move us a couple weeks into wipe. More information to follow on our Discord. 

MVP this month goes to: nautica4132, Barrel404, Steve

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