When is wipe?

We wipe the first Thursday of the month during Facepunch’s forced wipe schedule.

Is there decay?

No decay or upkeep in the world of Relic. We do, however, have a 7-day inactivity decay. This is to keep the world clean of rogue structures and keep client-side lag down. If you’re VIP or Elite, you will be excluded from this.

Do levels/playtime ranks wipe?

They do NOT wipe.

Do you have a Discord?

Of course! Feel free to join us, RelicPVE.com/discord

I have a problem/question.

Feel free to ask the community questions! We’re very helpful and willing to help you along. If you need assistance from our staff, we’re here for you. Please submit a ticket on our Discord (under #helpdesk).

Anything I need to know before playing?

Please keep the vibe positive and friendly! And most importantly, thank you for joining us here on Relic. Enjoy! <3